Pebble Beach Systems

Fullstack Developer

August 2021 - Ongoing

I currently work as a fullstack developer on our Pebble Remote product. This is a MEAN stack application that runs on-prem and in the cloud for customers who use our Pebble Automation product. It interfaces with Pebble Automation to provide a simpler way of performing the common 80% of uses and can be accessed from anywhere.

The project had been unloved and unmaintained for a few years before I was brought on to revitalise it. As the sole developer of this product I work a lot with the product owner and support teams to prioritise what we work on, estimate and scope out new features and fixes and make improvements to the software on a technical level as I see fit.

We'll shortly be releasing some big new features I've been working on and the following release will contain a massive overhaul of our package dependencies which I've been migrating in the background for a long time.


Fullstack Developer

Mar 2019 - August 2021

I worked as a fullstack developer making websites and other web powered services for a range of local and national clients. My work focused on improving and maintaining our CMS product, Doddle. This included working on core modules that all Doddle sites share and client specific modules for more bespoke client functionality.

I worked on many interesting client projects during my time at SimpleClick, not all of which I can talk about 🤫.

But some client projects I can discuss were:

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Many highlights over the 2.5 year period, including:

  • Improving their user facing sales site.
  • Creating bespoke CMS functionality inside of Doddle
  • Improving the website that runs on each of their ships displaying cruise information, activities, alerts, restaurant bookings etc. to passengers.
  • Increasing database and page load performance by 50x for vital sales pages

Waller Transport

This was our first use of React inside of Doddle which involved a lot of work from the team to introduce it to our front end code and define good patterns for how this would work. This allowed us to develop more interactive Doddle components and better share functionality between the team.

Together we created a bespoke digital tracking application for their B2B customers. This allowed Waller Transport to streamline their business processes, track and increase customer conversions which resulted in greater sales and track deliveries from initial quote to delivery of goods.

I specifically focused on the order and quote systems, converting those to billable sales and a simpler email and PDF generation system that other developers could integrate into their own work with a simple API.

B J Waller

This was the first project for our new Doddle E-commerce solution and resulted in a brand new website with extensive E-commerce systems. Leveraging the teams new React experience we created a lot of functionality with Doddle to define products, inventory, orders, checkouts, deliveries, sales reports and more. I focused on similar systems to Waller Transport, though there were enough fundamental differences that not much could be reused other than my email and PDF systems which proved flexible and useful enough that no changes were needed.

The Frameworks


April 2017 - Feb 2019

Returning after my studies in 2017 I continued working for The Frameworks first as an iOS developer and then as a web dev deloper. During this period I worked on various projects for world renowned clients.

The stand out projects for me were:

  • A browser based Virtual Reality (VR) tour, lovingly handmade in only a few weeks.

  • A website and series of backend services for a social media influencer startup to help them compute engagement metrics, market and audience segregation and the value that each influencer can bring to brands looking to advertise with those influencers.

  • A fun web page for IBM that showcases some of the impactful work they've done over the years. Each of the images has different hover and click effects, with resizing content that also moves around it's neighbours as appropriate.

The Frameworks

Intern Developer

Sep 2015 - Sep 2016

During my sandwich year I worked for The Frameworks working as essentially R&D for new technologies and app prototypes. This was mostly focused on Apple platforms, which saw the release of a series of games for the Apple Watch named Watch Games.


University of Greenwich

BSC Computing with Game Development

Sep 2013 - May 2017

Graduated from Greenwich with a first class degree, including a sandwich year in industry. I focused my various module choices towards having a solid basis in development practice and theory, with a side focus in games development.

The foundations of OO design and writing maintainable systems have helped me every day since, first in my iOS work and now as a web developer.